I developed superhero business cards as the ultimate business card to leverage your sales effort in a quantum way. The bottom line is that before anyone buys from you, they must buy you. They must trust you. You are the brand. Once you are accepted as a value provider, sales begin to happen almost like magic. Super Hero Business Cards are relationship builders that help increase your rate and number of sales.  Here are five reasons why superhero business cards work so well.

1. We use a powerful analogy of the superhero theme to communicate important differentiators about you and your business.

2. Super Hero Cards are memorable and attractive and contain much more than basic contact information. They feature information that is designed to break the ice. Favorite food, color, animal and a light-hearted weakness or company motto – these are powerful messaging vehicles integrated into your card.

3. Super Hero Cards are finished in a beautiful coating which helps prevent smudging, making a positive first impression.

4. Your Super Hero Cards can save you money because they eliminate the need for a lot of other unnecessary marketing hand outs.

5. Super Hero Cards come with a 100% money back guarantee.

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